About us

Wildlife needs well trained professionals that understand nature and are prepared to educate the world with factual science.

What is Wild Spirit Fund?

Wild Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organization born in Africa and led by a network of international veterinarians and wildlife professionals.

Our aim is to expand and implement the science of wildlife conservation medicine at ground level, and by doing that, not only protect the health of Nature but of humankind.
We engage with the scientific network, we influence policymakers, and we work side by side with the local professionals and the communities.



wildlife-conservation projects in need of equipment, researchers and professionals.

Identify & Connect

with ethical, transparent and meaningful wildlife-conservation projects in Africa, Asia, and South America, and with committed entities globally.

Develop & Collaborate

with projects for an interdisciplinary approach to the wildlife-livestock-human conflict.

To facilitate

the involvement of both local and international veterinarians and researchers in the wildlife conservation field.


a global awareness of the crucial value of well-trained professionals in wildlife conservation medicine, not only as first liners in the field but also as academics and policymakers.

To encourage

awareness of the critical status of biodiversity and stimulate a social responsibility to preserve it.


Starting with a Veterinary model, we might inspire others to follow.

Conservation medicine is a science that studies the relationship between human and animal health, and global environmental conditions. This emerging field intakes biodiversity as a pillar and works through an interdisciplinary approach.

Conservation medicine also called Eco health – One Health, its purpose being to understand the impact of the human footprint on the natural ecosystem and how, by upsetting its balance, we are causing stress not only to the natural habitat but also to wild animal populations.

Among other negative effects, this is leading to an increase in an emergency in the spread of infectious diseases and in toxicity that is not only putting at risk the survivability of wild endangered species but also the prosperity of humankind.

We understand the broader concept necessary for effective conservation medicine. At Wildlife-Conservation Medicine Foundation we start with a veterinarian model, with the healers of animals and the front-line workers in public health, and then work in collaboration with other disciplines that focus on the protection and health of the environment and the well-being of local communities.

Together we are making the change